Lord Mayors Command Performance

By invitation Urban Cirque performed at the Melbourne town hall for the pleasure of the Lord Mayor and honoured and priveledged guests.

The honour of the night was to perform alongside Judith Durham and Keith Potger from the Seekers, Eskimo Joe, Colin Hay from Men at Work, Kate Cebrano, Wilbur Wilde and a long list of Australian iconic performers.

Our show was split into two parts. The first part choreographed a handstand/contorion act alongside an apparatus foot juggling act. This was backed by the amazing orchestral sounds of the town hall pipe organ being played live and illuminated by an absolutely stunning lighting display creating a gorgeous atmosphere and feel.

The second part innovated the combination of a captivating aerial tissue act with high energy rap and rock singers Umalicious, Gumpy and Baby Lemonade with onstage dj "Trkd recs" lifting the roof off the hall.


Lord Mayors Cast


Lord Mayors Musical Act

Lord Mayors Aerial Tissue

Contortion and Foot Juggling to Pipe Organ Music Lord Mayors Poster Circus