Opening Performance of the Channel 9 TV Week Logie Awards


channel 9 tv week logies


Urban Cirque's artistic director Matthew Hills in partnership with pop sensation Gabriella Cilmi and Matt Lee from "So You Think You Can Dance" created a spectacular opening act for the Logies.


The act saw an acrobatic aerialist fly into the air on an aerial ring synchronizing with 4 ariel tissu's being dropped from the ceiling. A team of aerial performers entered through the intruiged audience flawlessly meeting the falling equiptment. From there performers climbed and where raised to the ceiling, performing graceful falls and displaying death defying skills.

A second aerial ring displayed a synchronized duo routine and a third aerial ring displayed the angelic flexibility of our solo performer. The 3 rings where set to raise and lower at different times creating an interesting dynamic and depth to the stage and the skilled performers maintained their world class choreography throughout the additional pressure of moving equiptment.

The room of industry proffesionals and producers of the event where thrilled with the outcome, and though celebrities are requested to turn mobile phones off during the event the twitter feeds where filled with instant comment.


Pyrotechnic Aerial Display 
Circus Aerial Ring Lift Aerial Tissue Creative Makeup Duo Aerial Ring Circus