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Urban Cirque has the inspiration and commitment to ensure the success of your event is remembered

For intimate and corporate events:
intimate and corporate events

Urban Cirque makes it easy to source and manage unique world class local acts for a fusion of spectacularly real performances at your next private function or corporate event by being your personal entertainment consultant.
Urban cirque is committed to achieving all of the goals you as a client set to create a unique and memorable event

For Major events and Venues:
Major events and Venues

Urban Cirque sources unique world class local acts to create intricately designed and spectacularly real shows that connect producers, performers and audiences.
Urban Cirque provides years of experience in staging unique and different acts in major venues with a keen attention to the complex details of this process to ensure sound delivery of your spectacular.

Hire our talent:
|Hire our talent

Our people are gifted talents that embody the highest standard of professional entertainment. They can be booked as single or multiple acts for any event or occasion.

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