Wedding Of The Year

The wedding of Geoffrey Edelsten and Brynne Gordin was held at Crown Casino's Palladium Ballroom and was produced by Trumpet events.

Urban Cirque was recruited to create a winter fantasy of "rococo"  appearance and grand design. Our director Matthew Hills sourced the amazing talents of 37 Australian based former Cirque Du Soliel performers and other world class acts to create a fantasy world of modern day circus to compliments the traditional style and costumes. It has been suggested by industry experts that this may be the largest circus based cast to grace the stage at one time in Australia and is a credit to Urban Cirques stage management and logistical approach to accomplish such a feat.

In collaboration with additional dance Choreographer Peter Harrington-Olsen, costume extraordinaire Bernadette Godin, music composer Marc Belcastro and conductor John Foreman urban Cirque saw Trumpet Events vision through to fruition. The act received nation wide media acclaim and the start studded lineup and guests called it “The highlight of the night”.

All photos are used with permission of Trumpet events.


urban circue